In 1995 designer Seppo Koho and Secto crossed each other’s path. Tuula Juselius was looking for a designer for her new company, this company made furniture from innovative laminated wood. The two both took inspiration from an interest in wood and Scandinavian design.

At the time, they lacked a lighting line in the existing collection,there were no wooden lamps and a collaboration arose: the Secto hanging lamp was born.

The first prototypes were hand made by Koho and they searched for a party that could produce the handmade lamps in series.

The wooden lamps were first received skeptically; they did not know the material and the fragility questioned. Yet there were a few parties that had faith in the lamps and a classic was born.

Around 2000 Juselius’ company completely switched to producing only lamps.

Several models have been on the market during the years: Octo, Victo, Puncto, Kontro, Owalo, Aspiro, Petite, Varsi and recently the Teelo table lamp.

The lamps are still made according to the basic idea of ​​working with ecologically derived Finnish birch wood. The birch wood is formed into veneer. Then these veneer sheets are cut into strips and assembled with rings of plywood.

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