Culti Refill 1000 ml


Culti Milano, the unrivaled benchmark in the world of home fragrances, was the first to launch, back in 1990, the world-known home perfume with rattan sticks. Its fragrances are famous for their elegance and for their original combination of scents. Incomparable.

The perfect combination of natural and synthetic ingredients creates sophisticated shades, fragrance’s color slightly changing its appearance, thanks to the oxidation of the fragrance itself with the outer environment.

The shape of Culti Milano bottles characterizes living and working spaces with elegance, modernity and innovation. The function of the fragrances is to spread, amplify positive feelings and to enhance the locations where they are diffused.

Here you can order the 1000 ml Refill in any fragrance to re-use your beautiful Culti Milano bottle. Refill sticks are not included.


D9 x H22 cm | 1000 ml (approx. 6 months).

Transparent Pet and aluminum Lid.

This product of Culti Milano can be easily ordered online. For more information, please contact us at: +31 (0)20-5318418.