[bnt-row] [col-6]Baden Baden Interior is an interior design store in Amsterdam. A surprisingly inviting bathroom and interior store of 380 sq. metres which regularly changes its eclectic mix of furniture, design, art, objects and accessories. Anyone with a taste for good design will find something beautiful in our store. In the Baden Baden Studio[/col] [col-6]we work closely with each individual client to ensure that every space in the house fits the client’s personality. We value our high service levels and our friendly, professional staff who can offer advice for any interior project; important ingredients for engaging a long-time relationship with our clients.
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Our history

[bnt-row] [col-6]The Baden Baden Interior store was founded by Piet and Karin Boon in the year 2000 as a showroom with a unique collection of furniture and bathrooms, which at the time was a reflection of their design philosophy.
In the year 2010 the store was taken over by their manager Julie de Vries. For the last thirteen years Baden Baden Interior has become a well known name in the world of interior design with an important part of their focus being the  design and refurbishment of bathrooms and ‘wellness-spaces’ in homes.
We have consistently shown innovation by introducing high quality, prominent and high profile brands into the market and introduced the classic French sanitary collection, Volevatch, to Holland.[/col] [col-6]We also introduced the exclusive bathroom design, Boffi, to Amsterdam, in addition to becoming the Dutch flagship store of the well known furniture brand Flexform in 2002.  Baden Baden Interior is also a dealer of the popular Piet Boon Collection.
Whilst continuing to distribute these exclusive design brands, we have continued to extend our range and variety of brand supply.
Over the years Julie de Vries has held on to the values that were established by Piet and Karin Boon in the beginning. At Baden Baden Interior she has created her own sense of style and atmosphere, building a reputation for her reliability and creativity. Baden Baden Interior is proud of her international portfolio with loyal customers.
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