Book Karin Meijn – Styling

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Piet Boon® Styling by Karin Meyn is a source of inspiration but also a practical guide to get started yourself. In her first book Karin Meyn explains how you can give spaces a personal touch and she shares her tips and tricks and many years of experience. It offers readers a rare look behind the scenes of the dynamic company for which she is traveling the world with her team and to get acquainted with the world of Piet Boon®. The beautifully designed and richly illustrated book contains a lot of information. Useful checklists make it possible to bring all the rooms in a home in balance with one another. The book contains numerous photographs, including still lifes and interiors, a make over of a livingroom and how mood boards for a project are created. Karin Meyn shows that it is possible to create a completely different atmosphere with few resources by combining different existing furniture and adding accessories or art. Piet Boon® Styling by Karin Meyn is a must for all lovers of a warm and personal interior. It is a beautiful portrait of a stylist with a very distinct, unconventional style and an international reputation. She explains in a clear, practical and inspiring way how to create peace, harmony and a unique atmosphere in a whole house or a single room.



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