WDSTCK Bellamp

Price: € 1250,-

By turning on the light, a serene sound fills the space, creating a sense of calmness in a world that seems to travel faster than light. The Bellamp is created with recycled air tanks used by fireman to keep the pressure on their fire extinguishers. The production codes are still visible on the tanks. Following the codes, you can find the exact origin of your Bellamp. The belling sound is created by the brass hammer hitting the hollow tank. Due to the unique production method of the air tanks, the sound lasts longer than you would expect.
The Bellamp is designed by Akko Goldenbeld.


32 cm


Recycled air tanks and brass.

Delivery time: On request

This product by WDSTCK can be easily ordered in our showroom. For more information, please contact us at: +31 (0)20-5318418.

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