Made a Mano Kommon Tattoo tiles

Price: On request

The beautiful Made a Mano tiles are handmade with love in Sicily out of terracotta and lava stone from the Etna. The Komon Tattoo range utilizes a unique technique where metals are embossed on the lava stone leaving a slight three-dimensional feel. Glazed with bronze, rose gold and other metals, the durability from the natural lava stones is preserved while adding a sophisticated, decorative look. This exclusive range of tiles, the Komon Tattoo is available in 14 different metallic shades. This flamboyant look is popular among clients willing to make a statement by creating an exclusive expression.


Various options possible

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

This product from Made a Mano can be ordered in our showroom. For more information please contact us at: +31 (0)20-5318418.

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