Botteganove Flora Tile

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The Flora collection by Botteganove is a collection designed in refractory clays, in which the culture of researched imperfection and the handcrafted work lead to the uniqueness of the product. Chiara Andreatti has created a project for Botteganove making a clear reference to the primordial world. She has used raw materials like clay and sand for a natural-looking coating and a surface finish that require manual application of colourful glazes and crystallines to get unprecedented chromatic effects. The red thread of the new collection  by Chiara Andreatti for BottegaNove is Nature seen in macro. It is a stylised nature, rich in meanings. Details of leaves, veins and hues are reinterpreted, drawn and impressed into the material in order to breathe new life into  a handmade coating with no equivalent anywhere else.

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This product from Botteganove can be ordered in our showroom. For more information please contact us at: +31 (0)20-5318418.

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