A. Salvatori Romboo

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Whilst experimenting with ways to reuse the wasted stone Salvatori came up with the idea of cutting and placing the offcuts of Bamboo, one of the most popular textures, in non-conventional ways. The result was Romboo, not only an environmentally-friendly solution but also a stunning new pattern in its own right. Composed of a series of rhombus-shaped tiles, when placed together they form a three-dimensional hexagonal effect which comes dramatically to life when bathed in light. Ideal for statement and feature walls and bathrooms, including shower floors thanks to the grip they offer.


Bianco Carrara, Crema D’orcia, Silk Georgette, Pietra D’avola.

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This product from Alfredo Salvatori can be ordered in our showroom. For more information please contact us at: +31 (0)20-5318418.

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