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Baden Baden Interior likes to work with professionals and offers support services in order for your project to become a complete success.



We welcome you and your clients to our showroom where we can show you inspiring materials and products for your interiors and bathrooms. We also like to share our insights and expertise so that we can create an interior with you. We also supply technical specifications for our furniture and sanitary products.

Many of our inspiring furniture, objects and accessories are receiving magazine coverage. We also supply products for use in commercial productions and films. Where we do not receive named coverage we charge a small hire fee. We look forward to inspiring you.

Contractors and Plumbers


Baden Baden Interior has a range of leading and characteristic sanitary brands which will make all the difference in a home or project. We also supply custom-made furniture and washbasins in natural stones, Durat or himacs. We invite you and your clients to our showroom in order to talk through a project. If needed, we can discuss styles, applications and the technical data so that we can supply an estimate of the chosen goods.

Baden Baden Interior has completed a wide variety of projects, creating the perfect atmosphere in office spaces, art galleries and hotels, as well as decorating and furnishing model homes. We not only supply the design but if required, the products and accessories too.  From a number of sanitary brands we can also supply special project collections. These are functional and well priced. We can also supply the logistic support.