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For more than 14 years Baden Baden Interior has been the main distributor of Volevatch, the exclusive French brand in the Netherlands. It is a timeless, extensive and luxurious collection of taps, sanitary ware, accessories and radiators.

For the manufacturing of taps, Volevatch uses high quality materials and modern machinery. Many finishes are still done by hand. Over the years Volevatch has won several awards which includes the  ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ‘ This due to their continued supply of  traditional high quality products and the provision of excellent service.

Volevatch was founded by Serge Volevatch, whom after completing his studies in urbanism, followed his passion to try and recreate a luxurious bathing culture. In the late seventies he focused on the sale and restoration of old taps. Through the creation of the “Bistro” series his talent was recognized by Guerlain ( Paris ), Tiffany’s ( NY ) and the architect Andre Putman.

Meanwhile, the brand Volevatch is used worldwide by individuals, hotels, restaurants and yachts.
The valves meet the NF, NSF (USA ) and ISO9001 standards.

Nowadays bathrooms are areas that focus on not only personal hygiene and comfort, but on style. The interior must be treated at the same level as a bedroom or a living room. Personal bathrooms are a relatively recent concept which originated in the nineteenth century with the rise of the water heater.

Volevatch, the first producer of sanitary products originally opened his workshop in Tully, a few kilometers from the bay of the Somme, in France. This family business restored old bathrooms and demonstrated its passion and skills in the production of top quality sanitary ware that both maintained heritage as well as luxury items “a la française “.

Today Volevatch creates fixtures and other bathroom elements, everything required for the installation of a bathroom.

‘The new creations are always connected with a culture that has always existed in the past. To create new models, we need to stick to the roots of what has already been created. If we disregard history, we create objects that have no power.

We must hold on to the past and at the same time respond to the standards of today’s lifestyle by incorporating innovations to the objects. To achieve this goal, we must have the necessary skills to produce the objects, but we also need to have our hands free to be creative.

If we can add the work of a hand to the work of a machine, we are able to create new forms. This creating is not possible if we rely strictly on industrial tools. However we can make use of advanced technologies, such as computer -aided sculpture, which grants the sculptor the necessary time, once the object has been electronically designed to carve an object in detail.

We can even use more advanced technologies to make a sketch which enables people more time to complete the work with their personal manual skills that cannot be reproduced by a machine.’

The special and unique skills of Volevatch are definitely the reason that its activities are registered trademarks, acknowledged in “the Inventory of Rare Art Professions” in the framework of the UNESCO Convention for the protection of ” Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage “.