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‘Design a robust and comfortable bathroom with as much storage space as possible’. That was the clear brief we were delivered by this family with three daughters who live here.

We chose robust shapes and materials matching this house. The really robust elements are the stainless steel taps and large shower (designed by Marcel Wanders) of the Italian brand Boffi. In a different league of robust is the natural stone bathtub, also from Boffi. It weighs 800 kg and the roof had to be lifted from the house in order  for it to be placed. In Italy it is carved out of one piece of lava stone, in which occasionally fossils are still visible, making this an exceptional bathtub.

The exciting part of this bathroom is the contrast between the bright and dark colours; white plastered walls against dark tiles, bright stained oak against a natural stone counter. To create a dramatic effect we advised the client to paint one wall black. It being an old house there were forgotten corners everywhere. We used these spaces for extra storage room. We decided to place the drawers of the bathroom furniture a little lower creating a space above the drawers, where some decoration or towels can be placed. They wanted a house that could be lived in and the residents are truly happy with the end result.