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Several years ago we became acquainted with the residents of this noble 19th century house situated next to the Vondel park, while we were designing the bathrooms and providing interiors advice in their former home. Clearly it was a great compliment to be asked again to be their interior sparring partner, to design and furnish the bathrooms and furnishings. The premise of the clients was not to have the interior look too well thought-out but to keep it looking lived-in. They wanted to have a different look and feel in the various spaces. Baden Baden Interior supplied a colour pallet for the fabrics and materials and a calm atmosphere was subsequently created  by using, different but complementary shades. The interior in this house revolves around texture and structure and soft patterned wallpaper has been applied on many of the walls.

An additional advantage in applying wallpaper in high spaces, is that it provides a warm feeling. The house has two totally different types of bathroom. The master bathroom is all white, except for the floor. The boys’ bathroom is robust and darker. As in their previous home our clients chose the Boffi brand . The white PO bathtub made of Corian (Boffi) is shown to its advantage in the all white bathroom. A decorative chandelier has been placed above the bathtub from the high ceiling. The large house has a relatively small kitchen, a deliberate choice, but nevertheless plays a central role due to its cozy atmosphere. The residents chose the same sofas but with a different colour fabric for the TV- and living room, playing with  light and dark colours . The client is so happy with the location, house and interior, that working together on another project may not be for some time in the future!