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Payment options at badenbaden.nl
There are several options to pay for your purchases in the Badenbaden.nl webshop.

Paying with iDEAL

Ideal offers a reliable, safe and easy way to pay for your online purchases. You pay in your safe online environment based on the safety methods of your own bank. You can use IDEAL without having to log in.

How does iDEAL work?

You place an order with badenbaden.nl. During checkout, you can indicate that you prefer to pay with IDEAL. Click the IDEAL payment button and select your bank. Following this, you will be redirected to your own bank, where the payment order is ready. Your bank will request that you fill in some data and then you can authorize the payment. The amount will be deducted from your account immediately and we will be informed that your order has been paid for.


a) iDEAL offers you a number of benefits compared to other payment methods:

b) iDEAL is as reliable, safe and easy as online banking

c) iDEAL is developed and supported by the major Dutch banks.

d) Access to online banking with one of the participating banks is sufficient for the use of iDEAL

e) Control and a clear view of the payment.

Paying with a creditcard

The following Dutch credit cards can be used to pay for your order: VISA, MasterCard and American Express. To protect your data, it is fully encrypted and sent via SSL servers and are adequately protected against access by third parties. At the time of placing the order, your credit card payment will be authorized.